Elder Mediation

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As our seniors age they have to deal with many life changes such as where they should live, their health and safety, their will and guardianship issues, selling their family home and many more issues. Family will usually become involved and may not always agree on what is “best” for the elder. Their thoughts may not correspond with all the children or any of them. Conflict arises and needs to be dealt with in the best interest of the elder. Easier than it sounds. Elder mediators can assist. The focus is on the protection and best interests of the elder person.

 What Is Elder Mediation?
Elder mediation is an avenue for all the interested parties to discuss and reach a resolution on certain family issues relevant to the elder person.  It is private, confidential and completely voluntary. Meetings can be held wherever the needs of the parties are best met. They can be held in the home of the family, the mediator’s office or at an aged care facility or other facility in which the elder resides. The meetings are informal and are held in locations which meet the family’s needs, including private homes, mediators’ offices and senior living facilities.

Why Families Choose Mediation
Mediation allows for the interested parties to reach their own unique resolution. All families are different. All elder people are different. The process is not adversarial and is focussed on reaching a sustainable resolution and preserving the family relationship.

When should you mediate?
At the early stages of conflict or uncertainty is best before fractures in the familial relationship develop or deepen potentially causing long term and irrevocable damage. Sometimes appropriately trained professionals may need to be involved in the mediation.