Workplace Disputes

work despute resolution mediation We can provide mediation for workplace disputes in all sorts of relationships. Mediation can assist to resolve disputes between co-workers on the same level, different levels, between management and staff and any other relationship in the workplace.

We can mediate complaints about bullying in the workplace.

What is essential in this environment is that the resolution, if achieved, is sustainable for the
 longer term.

Early mediation of this type of dispute saves workplace disruption, loss of productivity and closes off the stream of toxicity than can permeate into a dysfunctional workplace.

Early intervention can quickly restore staff morale and working relationships, which have deteriorated.

The use of an external mediator provides neutrality and an independent approach to the issues in dispute in the workplace.

This form of mediation can take place over stages and sessions and should also be flexible and fluid, able to readily adapt to a changing dynamic.

Crucially the mediation will be carried out in a discreet and confidential way.

These mediations can be dealt with on the telephone or face-to-face.

We provide all of these services.

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